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Recertification provides an opportunity to stay up-to-date with current playground and outdoor environment safety procedures and guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is recertification important?  
    The recertification process will enable one to have access to the most up to date standards, guidelines, and regulations.  Through re-certification, learners will have the ability to update skills and stay informed on current standards, guidelines, and regulations. 

  2. How often do I need to get recertified and what is the process?  
    Certifications are valid for three years.  Certification will expire 3 years after completion. Recertification requires submission of a current playground inspection certification and documentation of any playground safety activities inspectors have completed during the previous three years. 

  3. What proof will I need to show if I am currently certified? 
    The NPPS office keeps records of all of our certified inspectors and supervisors. If a name or address has changed since the last certification, students may be asked to send a copy of your current certificate for verification.

  4. Will I receive training credit for recertification? 
    There is no training credit for recertification.

  5. How much time should I expect to devote to the recertification process?  
    The inspector recertification process is approximately three to seven hours, but depends on how active certified individuals have been since their last certification course. 

  6. How do I sign up for the course? 
    Registration is easy! Look for the big red “Register Now” box on the page specific to the class you want to sign up for. Click on that box and it will take you to the registration page.