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Early Childhood Outdoor Play Inspector Online Certification

The Early Childhood Outdoor Play Inspector certification enables one to inspect outdoor play areas in early childhood settings for children ages 6 months to 5 years. The certification is nationally recognized under many national and governmental agencies, state child care licensing, and public health departments. It is designed to allow learners to dive into the playground guidelines, standards, licensing regulations, and best practices for the application of each.

    The training provides a basic framework of educational outdoor application and best practices through content-based coursework, reading assignments, an exam, and a practical, on-site safety assessment and report. Participants will learn how to inspect for:

    • Playground safety standards, guidelines, and compliance
    • Supervision of play areas
    • Accessibility
    • Age-appropriate developmental design
    • Suitable fall surfacing materials
    • Environmental hazards
    • Equipment maintenance
    • Safety of outdoor play equipment


    Successful completion of this course results in an Early Childhood Outdoor Play Inspector Certification, 12 hours of health and safety training, and identification on NPPS’s National Registry
    Additional class sessions may be added for groups of 10 or more. Please contact NPPS at