Online Course Help

Can I bookmark NPPS’s online access page?

To access NPPS's online courses, you will need to go to This is the page you will be able to bookmark in your internet browser. You will then need to click on the button labeled "NPPS" to log-in and take the course.

Why am I being taken to a University of Northern Iowa website?

Our organization is affiliated with the university and our courses are run through UNI's online learning center. So don't worry, you are in the right place, you just need to click on "NPPS" where you will be taken to the login screen.

What is my username and password?

You should have received an e-mail from NPPS containing this information. Use your username and password to login. We highly recommend you change your password after your the first login. Please WRITE DOWN your username and password and keep in a secure location.

NPPS cannot retrieve your password once it has been changed.  Should you forget your password, please utilize the "Forgot Your Password" function on the sign-in page of the online platform.

How do I know when I completed the course?

You have finished everything after completing all the steps. If you would like confirmation, please e-mail the NPPS online address below. Your certificate will be sent in the mail 2-3 weeks after all your course materials are submitted and approved.

How do I contact the Online Training staff?

The best way to reach our staff is by e-mailing


E-mail communication

E-mail will be our primary means of contacting you. Because NPPS Online Training is sometimes flagged as spam or junk mail, we recommend that you put our address in your address book or on a "safe list". 

We will send your invoice, log-in information, and any important reminders to the e-mail provided at registration so it is imperative that you continue to check for any new messages throughout the course.

Errors in eLearning

When you enter the course, there are some important reminders about necessary add-ons and browser settings, as well as course navigation. This is usually the step many overlook, and therefore have problems occurring. A majority of problems will be solved just by reading the instructions thoroughly.

General Course Reminders

  • When taking quizzes, you must score at least 3 out of 5 of the questions correctly to move on.
  • In the navigation pane next to each step, there are small plus signs that will expand each entry and show more information. This is the solution to many problems when students are unsure of what comes next. Clicking this button will either show or hide the information and often reveals the next step after quizzes.
  • If you take a quiz and it says “learning module failed,” disregard this. This does not mean that you didn’t pass the quiz. Go to the table of contents and see if you made it to the next part of the content.