ASTM International develops over 12,500 voluntary consensus standards. They have over 140 technical standards-writing committees and represent many diverse industries. The committees include producers and users and consumers who have general interest in the products. The following standards are the most important and deal with playgrounds. There are also many others. The technical names are listed on the ASTM International website.

F1148 Home Playground Equipment
F1487 Public Use Playground Equipment
F2373 Under Two Play Equipment
F1292 Playground Surfacing
F2049 Fencing
F1816 Drawstrings on Children's Upper Outerwear
F1918 Soft Contained Play Equipment
F2088 Infant Swings

The producers of these items are supposed to meet the standards listed in the products they manufacture. They need to provide you with written material to indicate that they have tested their product in an independent lab and that it meets the standard involved. If it does not pass, you should not purchase the product.