S.A.F.E. Supervision

NPPS strongly urges parents and adults to take an active role in playground supervision. Adults should always be present when children are playing at a local park, a school playground, child care center, or on the equipment in your backyard.

Supervision is a critical component to the safety of children. Supervision can assist in ensuring safety and preventing injuries. Play areas need to be designed so that supervisors can see all areas.

 NPPS recommends that supervisors follow the ABC's™ of Supervision. Supervisors need toAnticipate preventable problems and hazardous situations. Adult Behavior means being alert and attentive. Despite the type or Context of the play area, whenever children are on the playground, adults should be present.

NPPS has a resource kit to help schools and early childhood centers develop a supervision plan. The Supervision Kit includes a manual design to help you develop your supervision plan, a SAFE™ Supervision training video, and a fanny pack.


Online Courses:

Certified Supervisor for Outdoor Environments

Playground Supervision Training for Child Care Providers

Proper Supervision Video

If the video does not begin, please click here to view the Proper Supervision video.