Training Workshops

Supervision Training Workshops

The supervision training workshops are designed to cover the ABC's of playground supervision. Participants will learn:

  1. How to analyze the playground for potential problems and hazards.
  2. What constitutes unsafe play behavior by children.
  3. How to effectively monitor play areas through active movement and scanning.
  4. What methods of communication to use in emergency situations.
  5. How to develop an effective supervision plan to reduce injuries and provide S.A.F.E. play.

Workshops are available on a contractual basis in half day (approximately 4 hours) or one day (8 hours) format and are conducted by NPPS certified instructors. In addition, each participant will receive a comprehensive workbook of supervision information. For complete costs and availability contact: Dr. Susan Hudson, NPPS Education Director, at or at 1-800-554-7529.