200,000 children are still getting injured on American playgrounds today. Want to help make a difference in America by helping children keep safe on the playground? National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS) is a non-profit organization that was founded by a grant in 1995. It's purpose is to help the public plan, maintain, and renovate SAFE play environments for children. The program emphasizes Supervision of children, Age-appropriate design of play equipment and play areas, including following ADA guidelines, appropriate Fall-surfacing, and adequate Equipment and surfacing maintenance. NPPS creates awareness regarding the need for SAFE play environments for children.

The program educates the public about planning, maintaing, and renovating play areas for children. In addition, it assists groups and organizations in those processes.

We would greatly appreciate any financial donations that you are willing to give to help NPPS continue its ability to promote SAFE playgrounds through online training, on-site training, inspections, and to create a wide variety of different sources of information and educational resources. You donation is tax-deductible and will be put to great use in promoting SAFE playgrounds for children all across America.

If you are willing to make a donation please call toll free at 800-554-7529.

To anyone who donates $100 dollars or more, you will receive a free packet of materials.